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Production and quality


Zina Fresh extends over 11 hectares divided into 3 different greenhouse models ranging from the oldest tunnel design to the fully automated more recent one. All three greenhouse structures vary in terms of width, length and height.

Our company also owns two stations for watering and fertilizing, and a sorting and packing station whose area is 500 square meters, including a cold room.

Zina fresh uses hot groundwater as a source for heating the greenhouses and for irrigation, the latter being possible only  after dropping water temperature and passing it through reverse osmosis machines. Our Water is  stored in 6 basins , 3 for geothermal water, 2 for desalinated water and one for collecting the drain water.

Due to the expansion of the total area, the groundwater is no longer sufficient to heat all the greenhouses. Since 2009, Zina Fresh has installed a water heating unit containing 4 natural gas boilers and an insulated tank to store hot water and use it to heat greenhouses during the hours of severe cold, especially during the winter season.

In 2013, we installed a unit to recover carbon dioxide resulting from the combustion process inside boilers, and then distribute it inside greenhouses, which enabled us to improve product quality, implement the company’s environmental policy, and protect the environment.

Zina fresh also has a hardware store and 3 storages space , one of which is for medicines, the other for fertilizers, and the third for packaging materials.

Zina Fresh also has two direction departments,  the first is technical and the second is for financial and administrative affairs: accounts, purchases, export, import and currency affairs.


Our season begins in September of each year, where we prepare and sterilize our greenhouses to receive young plants from the plants Nursery which are planted , as soon as they arrive, in a special, organic , soil like medium made of coco fibers. The first harvest occurs after 45 days of planting. we pick the fruits, gather them in plastic boxes and send them to the sorting and packing station, to be received by the quality team, whose job is to clean, sort and package the best tomatoes for export.

On export day, we ship the tomatoes  in special air-conditioned trucks to Rades port to be sent later to our clients. We wait 3 days for the reply, “Excellent tomatoes, thank you.”

We do this operation every day proudly until July, when our season ends, and preparations for a new season begin.

- What Is Quality -


Quality is part of our values and is our leitmotif.

Since its inception, Zina fresh has implemented a policy of level improving, and has been rewarded since 2007 by obtaining the annual “Global Gap” certificate, and in 2016 by obtaining the “ISO 22000” certificate.

In 2018, Zina Fresh joined the Ethical Trade Initiative to become a member of the international organization Sedex.

Since 2020, Zina Fresh has worked on developing itself, setting up internal systems for managing quality, environment, occupational health and safety and energy, aiming to obtain ISO certificates of conformity.

- Our commitment -

Our commitment to excellence

Our goals:

Increasing the production area to 15 hectares of greenhouses

Increasing our export market share to 3000 tons with a high quality export rate of more than 97%.

Satisfying all parties involved in our activity, led by our customers.

97%high quality
Our values and culture

Since its inception, its founder, Mr. Mohamed Majid Zarrouk, has tried to instill a culture of:

“Never give up, we always have to try different ways to find an effective solution.”

This is in strict compliance with the founding values: will, patience and ambition.

Our vision

To face all the challenges and difficulties, we have developed a unified vision:

“Zina Fresh is a leader in the international export markets for fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Our mission

Production and packaging of high quality fresh tomatoes.

Our policy

-Our social policy
-Our QHSE policy
-Our land rights policy
-Our anti-corruption policy
-Ethical Trade Initiative: Thank you. Your reading of this message means that you are one of the privileged partners of Zina Fresh Company. We would like to inform you through it that Zina Fresh is involved in the Ethical Trade Initiative and has become a member of the international Sedex organization. Zina Fresh has developed a social policy , a copy of which is available on this website, which we invite you to review and help us, as much as possible, to implement it properly.

Thank you.

For more information about:

Sedex Organization: We invite you to visit the website

Ethical Trade Initiative: We invite you to visit the website